We would like to thank everyone who took part in our workshops and contributed to our projects. Here, we collect feedback and voices of our partners, experts and participants.

I notice that the workshop changed my approach to data fundamentally. Now one of my first questions is: "What do I want to say with this particular graph or visualisation?" This makes the selection and visualization of the data much easier.Fabio Ghelli, workshop on data visualisation, September 2017 (Mediendienst Integration)

Really well organized! It has been great to meet so many people from different backgrounds and work in teams!Participant, Story Hunt, July 2017 (Datenschule &

What I learned in this workshop is asking questions without first knowing that I would like to ask these questions. I will certainly apply the possibilities that I have learned here in my daily work.Susanne, Data Expedition, June 2018 (Demokratielabore)

I learned a lot about working with data. The topics were well explained, the presentations understandable and the knowledge of the workshop leaders very extensive.Participant, workshop on open data & Datenspaziergang, January 2019 (netzwärts - für Medienbildung im Freiwilligendienst)



    "We have found that each team member's approaches to data is different and that we have to work closer together. The data pipeline has deepened our understanding of processing data and is a useful tool on our journey." team of

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    I think when we got together, it revealed a missing link that we were not aware of. During our meetings and discussions it became clear: we [the cooperation] fit, and we need to improve our knowledge in this field. I found that very impressive. Suddenly everything made sense: We have always put a lot of emphasis on collecting and preparing our data. But now it became clear to us why we actually do that. Silke Ramelow